Respecting our clients and never forget not, that they come to us by choice.

Recruitment agency in South Africa

Transcend Talent Management is a leading recruitment agency firm committed to partnership with clients towards the achievement of sustainable transformation initiatives in South Africa. When you hire us to find and recruit talent for your business, we follow this search methodology to ensure you get the best candidates:


In qualifying the need we ask a series of discovery questions to gain a deeper understanding of the moving parts. We seek to understand stakeholder expectations as well as to create alignment amongst them. We seek to understand the pain and pressure points for the business and the cost associated with this pain. We highlight the risks of not acting on the challenges the client faces, and most importantly define what the decision criteria will be for the need in the business.


We loosely tailor this process around the standard search methodology of creating a universe, mapping it and selecting from it. In our process we include cost and risk implications to the client, taking into account all resources required for successful delivery of the project. The design phase is an important foundation which allows us to align expectations of the output, as agreed with the client.


As part of our commitment to sustainable transformation in South Africa, we go beyond just identifying people or potential partners. Rather, TTM chooses to work with our clients to create the best possible Value Proposition for top talent. We call it the “Bee Hive”. Using the analogy of bees and honey, we want top candidates to not only be attracted to a business but also to stay. Over and above this we provide leadership support through mentorship and coaching to ensure sustainable matches.


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