Talent Mapping

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Talent mapping, management and succession planning

As a company specialising in talent management, leadership advisory and succession planning, we can help you map out your future talent pool and help you design and implement an effective talent management and placement strategy.

Our talent mapping services are ideal for companies looking to engage in succession planning or competitor analysis. This service involves full competitor analysis to allow clients to make strategic decisions around talent. From time to time, clients want up-to-date market intelligence before committing to a specific strategic initiative. We work with our clients to identify talent within various business units and categories such as title, seniority, location, gender, nationality, etc. In addition to grouping the aforementioned information, we can also conduct candidate surveys to gain additional information about their key skills and accomplishments.

We deliver a map of the client’s industry segments so that clients can prioritise their placement strategies.

Why succession planning is important for your business

We live in uncertain times and South Africa has always been known for its lack of skilled resources. Managing your talent and planning for the future of your business is key to the survival of your organisation’s success.

Succession planning will give your company the strategic foresight it needs to not only identify talent, but to plan for their development and nurture them to become the leaders within the business in the future. Neglecting to design and implement a clear talent management and succession strategy will not only pose risks to your business, but it can hamper your ability to fulfill critical leadership positions in the future.


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