Partner Selection On Transaction

Partnerships that add value for both parties

Partner selection

As organisations enter into BEE transactions, our human capital management company (link to about us page) is able to offer top tier candidates. We help you find the best fit for your business so that you can create meaningful ownership through structuring and implementing sustainable BEE Ownership transactions and business structures that make sense for your organisation within your industry.

Having a strategic black investor is vital to the success of your business. These investors are able to add value to your business by stimulating growth, introducing new markets, or keeping existing clients. When you hire us, we will find and engage an appropriate strategic partner with the most experience in your type of business and market. Our partner selection services include the following:

  • Finding, selecting and engaging with a strategic partner who is a good match for your business
  • Pinpointing your optimal B-BBEE partner composition
  • Investigating strategic partner competence and capacity


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