Leadership Development

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way

Our leadership mentoring solutions can be summarised as follows

Diversity and Transformation

Through the engagement of this programme, delegates will explore differences in an optimistic, secure and fostering atmosphere. The ultimate objective is for the participants to move beyond tolerance to acceptance and rejoice in the rich dimension of diversity.


The loss of a job is extremely traumatic: apart from the financial implications, individuals are often faced with a sense of worthlessness and, perhaps most damaging, a lack of faith in their own abilities. And yet, this is a reality that faces many people in a struggling economy. This programme helps individuals face the challenge of job loss, taking practical steps that will make it easier to find new employment.

Change Management

This programme will enable companies to help control the implementation of new thinking and process and strategically increase the benefits to the business. The programme will address change initiatives, cultivating buy-in, successful implementation and the development of a new effective sustainable model.

Executive on-boarding

Similar to the time and energy spent in the research and headhunting, its’s strongly recommended to assist placed candidates in their successful transition (socially, culturally and professionally), reducing risk and failed costs. Executives tend to feel inadequately prepared to commence their new role; this intervention will assist in protecting your investment.

Succession Planning

Succession planning recognizes that some jobs are the lifeblood of the organization and too critical to be left vacant or filled by anyone but the best-qualified person. Effectively done, succession planning is critical to mission success and creates an effective process for recognizing, developing and retaining top leadership.

Performance Results Coaching

One-on-One coaching, Group Coaching, Team Coaching, Customised approach to provide structure, guidance and support. Through this programme, participants will review their current state, assumptions and perceptions about themselves, colleagues and their environment. The programme will inspire and motivate participants to learn to change to become effective leaders.

Retention Planning

The aim of this programme is to address the underlying causes of potential turnover and help guarantee your company’s ability to sustain your workforce. Attempting to retain all your employees is unrealistic. Some movement is to be expected. The influx of talent and fresh ideas from new employees is valuable. Instead of setting a strictly quantitative goal for increasing your employee retention, focus instead on the key employees you want to ensure won’t leave your company. Using this strategy, set your company goal for retaining, for example, the highest-performing staff and supervisors.

Diversity and Transformation


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