Contingency Recruitment

Contingency recruitment for the vast solutions at hand

Contingency recruitment services in South Africa

As a reputable contingency recruitment firm, we offer clients a greater level of flexibility and more value for money when they hire us for all your talent management and personnel hiring needs.

What does contingency recruitment mean?

Contingency recruitment works on the principle that clients only pay if we find an ideal match for your job specification and this candidate accepts a position within your business. This enables your business to pursue various platforms and leads to find the most suitable applicants.

The reason why Transcend Talent Management offers its recruitment services on this principle is the fact that we have a wide and varied database of experienced, skilled employees. We are confident in our ability to find and place capable people within the right roles at your clients’ businesses.

Comprehensive executive placement services

We have invested in a comprehensive search methodology to ensure that we are able to source all the relevant and necessary employee data from a potential employee. We also conduct multiple screening tests to not only do the required background checks for you, but to also verify their references and qualifications. When we put forward a list of potential employees, then clients can rest assured that our contingency recruitment firm already has a detailed understanding of the candidate’s overall personality, their experience and their capabilities.

The best people are not always looking for a job. We “invite” them to apply by finding them, introducing them to your business and creating a compelling proposition for them to consider.


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