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The Importance of Transcend Talent Management

We place great people in great positions

At Transcend Talent Management we understand Human Capital, and how it relates to building an exclusive economy by placing highly talented executives, directors and trustees in positions where they can thrive. Transcend Talent Management advises multinational clients on Board restructuring as well as sourcing fiduciaries for Trusts as part of BEE ownership schemes. In addition, we have placed Non-Executive Directors on group Boards as well as senior black talent into corporates, working with our clients to satisfy the management control pillar of the scorecard.

Transcend Talent Management’s ethos goes beyond compliance , towards true organisational transformation, talent and leadership advisory. A successful placement is about positioning the correct individuals within the context of a career opportunity, a Board position, a Trust or even an acquisition in the pursuit of sustainable transformation. Connecting people with the potential to deliver long-term partnerships is what sets us apart as a business.


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